The Advantage Of Five Reel Slots Games

If you are new to playing slots games you would be forgiven for thinking that they are all pretty much the same.

But you would be wrong. You have different combinations of paylines and reels to think about – and this is why five reel slots are better in many respects than the three reel versions.

You have more paylines to win with

A typical one armed bandit slots machine has one payline. But with a five reel machine you could have as many as twenty five different paylines. You could win on every single one you place a bet on, so there is plenty more opportunity to win it big with a five reel slots game.

There are more symbols to watch for

With more involvement in the game you will usually spot more symbols playing their part as well.

Always read up on the rules before you play, so you know what symbols are in play and what they all mean. Most of the time, you will see three lines appearing in a row as you spin, rather than just the one. This means you can win in lots of different ways – so watch out for all those different symbols.

You have more chances of using wild symbols to line up a winning streak

Wild symbols are good to get because they can replace any other symbol to produce more wins for you each time you spin. Make sure you know which symbols are wild ones and watch out for them each time.

You have more control over how much you bet with each spin

When you play a one armed bandit with a single payline and three reels, you can only bet on that one payline. But when you have as many as twenty five paylines in play, you get to choose how many of them you want to bet on each time you spin.

And with perhaps as little as five cents in play on each one, you can gauge how far you want your budget to go each time. The more you bet, the more you spend – and the more chance you have of winning more than once with a single spin.

Try a five reel slots game now

This is why five reel slot games are so popular online. You’ll find them in many different guises and with lots of different themes too, so give them a try and see how good they are for yourself.